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    Upland is a bold, ambitious, rural based visual art and craft development organisation based in Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland.

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    Upland creates opportunities, signposts to our partners’ opportunities and develops opportunities specifically for and with our Upland members.

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    Spring Fling Open Studios

    Spring Fling Open Studios event 26 - 28 May 2018

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    Modern Makers

    'The best way to become a skilled maker is to learn from one'

  • Projects

    #SFRM 2016

    Spring Fling Rural Mural


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Spring Fling

Scotland’s Premier Art and Craft Open Studios event in the South West of Scotland.


Modern Makers

The best way to become a skilled maker is to learn from one

So pleased to see the @SeeConfluence book is launching this wkend as part of @spring_fling, a wonderful project whi… https://t.co/FImefcGFNu

'Coast to Coast' is now open! Get along to see the exhibition which showcases work by print makers from D&G (Upland… https://t.co/Trmm5sVdSR

The Modern Makers are getting to grips with costume design working with Alex Rigg & @oceanallover! Read their first… https://t.co/o79j7Ac7dO