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    Upland is a bold, ambitious, world class, rural based visual art and craft development organisation based in Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland.

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    Spring Fling Open Studios

    Spring Fling Open Studios event 

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    #SFRM 2016

    Spring Fling Rural Mural


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Spring Fling 2016

Scotland’s Premier Art and Craft Open Studios event in the South West of Scotland.


Modern Makers

The best way to become a skilled maker is to learn from one

We are very pleased to be working with our friends at The Stove Network on a joint event! Come along to the Stove Cafe on 17 August,6-8pm for our 'Artists Get Together' - an informal evening with food and talks by artists Silvana Mclean - Artist and Printmaker and Kirsten Bertelsen. Visual artist & Upland member Silvana will be sharing her recent residency experience in Iceland and discussing the resulting evolution of her work. Kirsten is a Danish artist who is arriving in Dumfries from Copenhagen to work as the resident artist on The Stove's 'Our Norwegian Story' project. www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/artists-get-together-with-silvana-mclean-and-kirsten-bertelsen-tickets-26753724109 image: 'Striations' by Silvana McLean

Join us on 17 Aug 6-8pm @TheStovies for artist talks by Silvana McLean & Kirsten Bertelsen https://t.co/XvKW1l3LU1 https://t.co/pwzoQYPvgk

Deadline for applications Monday 1 August! https://t.co/wkQQkoHMxR