Joyce Woodcock

Interim Director

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Leah Black, director of Spring Fling and the driving force behind the creation of Upland, is moving onto new ventures after her maternity leave. During that time Clare Hanna has done a remarkable job at shaping the new organisation and leading the new staff team in the delivery of Upland's programmes, both old and new. She leaves us after this year's Spring Fling to concentrate more fully on her family but we hope will stay in touch and involved in further projects.  The Board really appreciate the hard work and dedication those two young women have shown in growing Upland.

The Board is now pleased to announce that their Chair, Joyce Woodcock, is standing down from the board  and will take up the reins as interim director. She says that she feels that it is vitally important at this stage in Upland's life that there is continuity and that the leadership has a thorough knowledge of the organisation. "We have a great staff team in place, an experienced and dedicated board and a membership of highly creative people who are all working together to deliver Upland's aims". Amy Winstanley, currently vice-chair is stepping up to take over from Joyce as chair.

She has been a participating maker and been on the board of directors since 2011and was very involved in the evolution project and the development of Upland. She worked closely with both Leah Black and Clare Hanna and is very much looking forward to continuing  their efforts to build Upland bringing a background in small rurally based business management and administration in both the public and charity sector to bear.

 Contact Joyce on 01387 213 218 or 07544556350