Sarah Keast Exhibition at The Line Gallery, Linlithgow

2 March 2019 to 26 March 2019

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Upland member Sarah Keast is a visual artist based in Moniaive. Her upcoming exhibition “In the Liminal Lands” is a body of work developed during visits to the Caerlaverock coast during summer 2018. The hot dry summer created an atypical Caerlaverock experience filled with summer plants, rich in insect life but with the ponds drying up, cracked mud surfaces and drying grasses.

Sarah’s work has always been informed by her life-long interest in geology, landscape and the natural world. Her current focus is on liminal places, exploring the ideas of uncertainty and the unknown, and transitions between phases of life or states of being.

The exhibition takes place at The Line Gallery in Linlithgow from 2nd - 26th March.