2017: Call for Collectors & Collections


Spring Fling turns Fifteen in 2017 - help us celebrate!

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Photograph by Colin Hattersley
Photograph by Colin Hattersley

Over the years our artists and makers have told us many lovely stories about the people who have visited their studios and purchased their work. We are also aware of the high number of returning visitors each year and we began to think that there must be people with collections of work by our Spring Fling artists.

We are looking to develop a programme of talks, events and exhibitions in 2017, around the theme of Collecting. We would love to hear your personal stories about your experiences of visiting Spring Fling over the years and why you have bought particular works and the continued enjoyment they bring, the feelings and memories they evoke.

We look forward to hearing from you so drop us an email or call for a chat; we'd love to see images of you and your collection.

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