Press Release: Artist’s Wigtown Festival Search for Books that Move and Inspire


Spring Fling’s book festival artist in residence invites visitors to create original prints reflecting the literature they love

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Illustrator Kate Timney
Illustrator Kate Timney

Illustrator and literature-lover Kate Timney has been selected as this year’s Spring Fling artist in residence at the Wigtown Book Festival.

She will hold workshops where the public can create their own original prints – remembering or reinterpreting covers of books that have had an impact on them.

Kate, who runs the Beaumont Printshop in Glasgow, has a particular interest in how reading a particular book at a pivotal moment can have a big effect on people’s lives.

She said: “Literature is a great love of mine and as an illustrator, I often create images in response to writing.

“I was drawn to this residency as it is a perfect opportunity to create work in response not only to literature itself, but also to the relationships that people have with books.

“I'll be talking to festival-goers about books that have a particular resonance for them and asking how much that relates to the time and place at which they discovered the book. I will invite visitors to make a print of a remembered or reimagined cover for the book they describe.

“As the prints amass over the festival they will form a collaborative and unpredictable work, celebrating and championing much loved books.”

Kate will have her own studio in Wigtown during the festival where she will work on a portable etching press, and visitors are invited to drop in for a cuppa and a chat. 

She will also run woodcut and pattern painting workshops and there will be an event where people can meet her and learn more about the project.

Spring Fling, Scotland’s premier visual art and craft open studios event, has an ongoing collaboration with Wigtown Book Festival. This involves having an artist in residence at the festival, and more recently a writer in residence at the open studios event.

Joanna Macaulay, Upland’s Events and Exhibitions Manager, said: “Kate’s project brings visual art and literature together in a really imaginative way. We are really looking forward to seeing the prints that people create and finding out which books have had a major impact on the lives of festival visitors.”

The artwork that results from the residency will be shown next year at the 15th annual Spring Fling.

Adrian Turpin, Director of Wigtown Book Festival, said: “We are very excited to be welcoming Kate Timney to Wigtown Book Festival; Kate's work throughout the festival will give people the chance to consider moments in life where books have been significant to them.

“Every book is a journey for the reader, at the 2016 Wigtown Book Festival we will be celebrating island life and the influence that island culture has on communities and societies in remote and city locations.

“Through Kate's residency we will be giving people the opportunity the express their book moments through art adding another element to their journey with the book."

Talks and workshops with Kate at Wigtown

  • Meet the Spring Fling Artist: Kate Timney invites you to join her for refreshments and a chance to find out about her 2016 residency. Saturday 24, September, 19:30.
  • Kate Timney's Woodcut Wonders: Draw, carve and print from a piece of wood to create your own striking images. Bring your favourite book and learn how to illustrate an extract using this ageless woodcut printmaking technique. Suitable for 12+. Booking essential. Free to under-25s. Monday 26, September, 19:00.
  • Pattern Painting: Learn to draw, carve and print with your own handmade rubber stamps. Inspired by patterned endpapers, you will create repeat prints of your own. Join this year's artist in residence to make art based on your favourite book and take away your own hand-printed bookmark and wrapping paper. Recommended age 5+. Tuesday 27, and Wednesday 28, September, 17:30.