Joanna Jones

Assistant Director

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Joanna graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2010 with an MA (Hons) in the History of Art before going on to complete a Masters (MLitt) in Art & Business in 2011.  

Joanna relocated to Dumfries & Galloway in the autumn of 2015 during the evolution of Spring Fling CIC to Upland CIC as Events & Exhibitions Manager. Her professional experience has developed over a number of years in commercial Scottish art galleries and international art fairs. Most recently a gallery development role in west Highlands.

Now as Assistant Director, Joanna is focused on working with Upland's professional members to promote their work through Spring Fling Open Studios, Upland's year-round exhibitions, public arts and creative tourism.


Joanna's Upland Projects

  • Spring Fling
  • Public Art Projects
  • Wigtown Book Festival Residencies
  • Local, National & International Exhibitions
  • Cultural tourism, business partnerships and sponsorship

Contact Joanna

[email protected]