Kim Ayres

Board Director

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Living in Castle Douglas since 2005, Kim Ayres is a portrait and narrative photographer, with a particular love for cinematic and theatrical images, creating bespoke imagery for individuals, businesses and organisations.

His approach to his practice is one of collaboration, where he works closely with his clients, his subjects, and sometimes with small teams of models, hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists, ensuring that everyone involved feels empowered and is able to contribute to the creative processes.

He has been an active member of Spring Fling/Upland since 2011, participating in most of the Open Studios events, as well as being involved in the Emerge Mentoring programme, and was the Spring Fling Artist in Residence at Wigtown Book Festival in 2012.

Kim's current and past practices, along with his upbringing and experiences, have led him to continually straddle the business, community, and creative worlds.

He has been involved in the start up of community groups, taught classes, and since the beginning of the Covid pandemic has been running a free, live, weekly video podcast helping people around the world to improve their understanding of photography.