Mark Welland

Board Director

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Mark is a relative newcomer to Dumfries and Galloway but has been working as a practicing artist and designer for over 35 years. He has an Honours Degree in Visual Communication and uses his passion for creativity to support projects and business. 

 As an artist Mark has worked in different mediums exploring themes from community interactivity to our relationship with the environment. He is represented by a number of galleries and is a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors artist group.

He worked for many years as a London based designer in the commercial sector working with national and international brands although much of what he does now supports local and small business.

Mark is also a committee member for Kent’s equivalent of Spring Fling, South East Open Studios and currently co-runs, an online composition tool which he designed to give more students access to creating music along with which uses video and original music to engage children in Rhythm, Song and Dance.