Sarah Casey

Board Director

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Sarah Casey is a visual artist, researcher and educator. Sarah grew up in Annan and moved back to the region in 2020. She is now based in Lochfoot where she has her studio. She makes and exhibits artworks and writes about (mostly contemporary) art. She often works with museum collections, exploring connections between past and future., leading to exhibitions e.g.  Kensington Palace, the Bowes Museum and, most recently, at Ryerson University in Toronto.  She completed her PhD in contemporary drawing at Lancaster University in 2012, where she is now Director of Study for the School of Fine Art.  

As an artist , Sarah’s core interest is drawing, and she is an advocate for drawing as a means of seeing and knowing the world. She typically collaborates with other researchers and over the past 10 years has undertaken a number of projects in the UK and overseas to see what drawing shares with these other areas of expertise. This interest has led to public engagement projects using drawing.