Emma J Lock - Exhibition

28 August 2019 to 7 September 2019

A unique collection of contemporary and abstract works by Emma J Lock

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'Words in a journal'

New exhibition by Emma J Lock at Harbour Cottage Gallery, Kirkcudbright.

Open 27th August - 7th September.
Open from 10am daily.

This is a unique collection of contemporary and abstract works which Emma describes as like a visual representation of her thoughts portrayed through brush and paint like words in a journal.  As a dyslexic growing up Emma learned to communicate through her creative skills at a very early age.

Emma is currently represented by The Northern Lights Gallery in Keswick who approached her first in 2018 and has works housed all over the world throughout Europe, America, Australia and Japan.

She is an experimental, unique and vibrant artist pushing boundaries and challenging our view of the world through her work.


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