‘Kind of Blue’ cyanotype workshop with Izzy Leach

5 October 2020 to 12 October 2020

An alternative printing process demonstration, specifically focusing on cyanotypes.

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Cyanotype workshop with Izzy Leach.

Cyanotypes are a beginner friendly way to photographically print from home with limited equipment. Join Izzy for this unique workshop, on the Spring Fling website for this year’s Spring Fling rescheduled event. The workshop will be available here online from the 5-12 October.

So in the meantime, save the date and prepare yourself by making sure you have all the materials and equipment.

Materials & Equipment 

Izzy will be using both the photogram and digital negative method. For the photogram method, the only components most people will have to buy are the chemicals – Solution A containing Ferric Ammonium Citrate and Solution B containing Potassium Ferricyanide. These can be bought cheaply and easily online for around £10. For the photo-negative method, audiences will also need printable acetate, access to a printer and photoshop (or other image editing software). Other materials that they will need but might not necessarily need to purchase are:

  • a sponge brush/smooth wide paintbrush
  • gloves as chemicals can stain
  • a mixing tray (a plastic box works)
  • paper (watercolour paper/thicker card works best)
  • a wash tray
  • apron/old shirt
  • Sunlight or alternatively a UV lamp
  • Piece of glass (I used glass from a photo frame)

The cyanotype method is very simple and accessible to all levels, however due to handling glass and the use of chemicals, children should be supervised at all times.