Modern Makers Exhibition

14 May 2022 to 25 June 2022

Modern Makers is a programme for a small group of young people from Dumfries & Galloway to work intensively with a professional maker to learn craft skills.

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Developed from Modern Heritage Craft which ran in 2014 and 2015, the programme has seen young people learn skills in shoe making, furniture building, glass, jewellery and more. From 2016 the programme developed and expanded, enabling young people to spend up to 30 days working with established makers gaining hands-on skills alongside a unique insight into how an artist/maker functions in today’s social and economic environment.

The exhibition was originally planned to take place in 2020, marking the fifth year of the Modern Makers expanded programme, however had to be rescheduled. We are delighted to present an updated exhibition which will now include the 2021 and 2022 cohorts.

The exhibition takes a look back at the programme’s origins with a focus on the last six years, showcasing work from both participants and lead makers - Sam Booth, Fitch & McAndrew, Alex Rigg, Pamela Grace, Hugh Bryden, Colin Blanchard, Amanda Simmons, Lisa Rothwell-Young and Mark Zygadlo.

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