Denise Zygadlo: Exhibition Opening


Arusha Gallery 29th November

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Visual artist and Upland Member, Denise Zygadlo, has an exhibition of new work opening on Thursday 29th November, 6-8pm, at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh.

Denise combines photos of classical sculptures with sections of her own body, sometimes wrapped in muslin cloth, and obtained via an old-fashioned photocopy machine. 

The resulting collages are then transferred onto canvas, creating surreal, fragmented jigsaws of marble, muslin thread and present day anatomy. Sculptures by artists Michelangelo and Giambologna served as initial inspiration, in some cases with pops of colour and gilding added by hand to the prints at a final stage. 

All unique, the works show mesmerising texture and contrast. The intimate skin details of Zygadlo's body pressed against the photocopier glass bring a soft immediacy to the artworks, not unlike finding the shape of someone's hand in original cave paintings. 

The show runs till 21st December and visitors will also see a show of work by Julie Airey, who makes delicate works on muslin.

Arusha gallery
13A Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QG

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