Emerge 2023 Bursary Recipients Announced


Two emerging artists/makers have been selected to receive mentorship and financial support as part of Emerge 2023. 

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Emerge 2023 Recipient Abbie La Rooy
Emerge 2023 Recipient Abbie La Rooy
We're pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Emerge bursary.
This year we were fortunate enough to offer two bursaries - one for an emerging artist or maker under the age of 30 (generously supported by The Holywood Trust), and another for an emerging artist or maker of any age (generously supported by Creative Scotland).
The 2023 Emerge bursary recipients are...
Rachel Ashcroft
Rachel graduated in Sculpture from Manchester School of Art in 2009. In 2015 Rachel re-trained in bench joinery. Since moving to the region six years ago, Rachel has developed a small business as a crafts-person making contemporary crafts from sustainably sourced hardwood.
Under the moniker ‘Woman of the Woods’ Rachel designs, makes and sells items for the home from local hardwoods and found driftwood, such as spoons, boards, bowls and coffee tables. Rachel designs all of her products with a modern aesthetic, taking care to highlight the beauty and grain of each piece.
Abbie La Rooy
Abbie has been pursuing ceramics full time since April 2021, when she moved to Dumfries and Galloway to work for Clay Works Studios. Alongside working as a technician and tutor, Abbie has been establishing her ceramic practice. This has involved developing skills technically and establishing a visual “language”.
Abbie’s current body of work carries anthropomorphic references, loosely centred around the “grotesque”. Working with both commercial and locally sourced clays, she employs traditional techniques to create innovative, unexpected outcomes to construct a narrative. As her practice has developed, Abbie has found herself drawn to locally sourced raw materials and traditional processes to manufacture her objects.
We're excited to see how both Rachel and Abbie's practices develop over the coming months given this opportunity!
For more information on the Emerge programme, please visit the projects section of the website.