First International Exhibition by Laura Hudson Mackay


Upland member Laura Hudson Mackay exhibiting in Marrakech

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Press Release: First International Exhibition by Laura Hudson Mackay

'Hush of a Shadow', Marrakech Henna Art Cafe

Opening reception  4 November 2016, 5-7pm

 After many solo shows in the UK, this will be the first international exhibition by Photographic Artist, Laura Hudson Mackay. Using both analogue and digital, Laura has produced inspiring photographic art for over a decade. Choosing to work in black and white, her images have a raw sense of beauty.

Visitors to the exhibition can view and purchase Limited Edition pieces, inspired by Time and Threshold. Laura strives to create images with a complex simplicity, reflecting esoteric spirit and culture. Having previously exhibited work inspired by Celtic Storytelling, Laura’s more recent work explores similar themes, which draw on myths and tales from Moroccan culture, linking the physical and spiritual worlds.

The opening week of ‘Hush of a Shadow’ coincides with a photography tour of Morocco by Galloway Photographic Collective, a group of leading professional photographers based in Scotland. From her base in Marrakech, Laura creates unique photographic tours of Morocco, aimed at photographers of all abilities.

The exhibition at Marrakech Henna Art Café continues until 30 January 2017.

“Laura Hudson Mackay’s photography captures the essence of the lands through which she journeys in the rarest and most wonderful of ways.  Through her lens she reaches the raw magical underbelly, which so often escapes travellers.”

-  Tahir Shah, Author and Filmmaker