Upland Member Lisa Rothwell-Young to exhibit with Craft Scotland


Lisa Rothwell-Young, Langholm’s award winning jeweller and co-owner of Cut the Mustard Gallery in Langholm has been invited to exhibit her work in the Craft Scotland “Craft Gallery” at Scotlands Trade Show.

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Lisa Rothwell-Young, etched pendant loop
Lisa Rothwell-Young, etched pendant loop

“Craft Scotland is delighted to welcome Lisa Rothwell-Young as the latest addition to the makers taking part in the Craft Gallery at Scotland’s Trade Show taking place at the SECC, Glasgow from 24- 26 January 2016. This new initiative will bring together around 20 makers working in Scotland in a central position within the show where buyers from Scotland and further afield will be able to see a showcased selection of well-designed and well-made craft.”

Lisa will be exhibiting her “Lichen” collection, which is inspired by the patterns produced by lichen growth on stone.  Lisa explains, “Lichen is tough, it not only survives but thrives in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.  It’s actually two organisms that grow together in a symbiotic relationship, which could be likened to human partnerships.  As it grows it creates the most beautiful patterns and textures, sending out little fruiting bodies which spread its spores”.  Acid etching, oxidation, faceted stones and keum bo (depletion gilding) are all used in the making of the collection.

 Lisa is a member of Upland and the National Association of Jewellers (formerly the BJA).

 Lisa and her photographer husband Barry run Cut the Mustard Gallery on Langholm’s High Street where Lisa’s workshop is based.