Call for Upland Members Proposals

We are looking for project proposals from the Upland membership

This opportunity is for Upland professional members only.
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Deadline: 8/01/2023

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Pictured: Spring Fling Rural Mural (2016) by Morag Macpherson & Tellas. Photograph by Colin Tennant.
Pictured: Spring Fling Rural Mural (2016) by Morag Macpherson & Tellas. Photograph by Colin Tennant.

As a membership organisation Upland aims to support and promote its members through a range of opportunities.

It is important to us that the membership have the opportunity to put forward ideas for projects which fit within Upland’s mission statement and vision.

We are currently inviting membership proposals for projects which could form part of Upland’s future programme. Funding would need to be raised for these so would not take place until 2023 at the earliest.

What we are looking for.

Proposals can be for projects of different sizes. For example, it might be an idea for an exhibition, event or a project involving local communities, other artists, or partner venues.

Please take into consideration the project timescale - larger projects will most likely have to take place beyond 2023 to fit around existing programme plans and enable time for sufficient funds to be raised . 

With limited funds and resources, we cannot guarantee that any proposals submitted will be carried forward. We will look to develop proposals which best fit with our aims and complement existing projects, building these into future funding bids and programming.

Proposals should make clear how the project or idea will engage and benefit different audiences and/or participants including; our artists & makers, local young people and communities.

Our aims and mission should be considered as part of any proposal made. These can be expressed as the following:

  • To produce and deliver festivals, events, and experimental projects of the highest quality
  • To nurture the development of artistic excellence so that it thrives and grows
  • To inspire and educate a wide range of audiences, customers and clients to understand, celebrate, participate in and be supportive of visual art and craft practice
  • To raise the profile of visual artists and makers locally, nationally and internationally fulfilling a crucial role in the culture and tourism of Dumfries and Galloway
  • To work to benefit the local economy and the sustainability of local communities 

We are particularly interested in proposals which will:

  • Provide opportunities for artists and makers to work collaboratively and foster new connections
  • Support the engagement of a wide diversity of audiences in visual art and craft and initiate opportunities that promote inclusive, meaningful participation
  • Help to connect us with a wider range of participants, including those who may face barriers to participation
  • Produce and facilitate ambitious creative projects that are innovative and experimental in approach
  • Highlight issues relating to climate change and environmental sustainability

Proposals will be assessed on:

  • Relevance to Upland’s aims and priorities as outlined above
  • Quality of work / project proposed
  • How well the project complements Upland’s existing strands and project plans
  • Value for money
  • Level of impact - how will the project benefit those involved or the audiences reached

If you have a project you would like to have considered as part of Upland’s programme please fill in the application form. Please submit this along with a CV, artist statement and up to 4 images to amy@weareupland.com.  Proposals will be accepted annually.

The deadline for proposal applications is: midnight, 8th January 2023.

Applications will be reviewed by Upland staff and members of the Upland Board.