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Confluence Blog number 9 by Laura Hudson Mackay

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Le Mont-St-Michel, Brittany
Le Mont-St-Michel, Brittany

Spring fling 2017 is now over and it’s time for a well-earned break and what better way than with a Confluence road trip.  Herman the campervan is packed full and Loutan Bleu the Frenchie (our new puppy) has his passport and we head off from Scotland through the channel tunnel to Calais. Our first night camping is at Carsix, near Le Bec-Hellouin, Rouen, a ‘France Passion©’ campsite where our hosts, farmers, welcome us onto their private property to stay for free for a 24 hour stopover. In return, we buy their produce, organic cider, apple juice and apricot jam.

We are on our way through Brittany (NW France) onwards to Galicia (NW Spain), the two key areas of Celtic culture and history on the European mainland to collect stories and take photographs, blogging as we go.

                                France’s westernmost point, Finistere, Brittany

It does not take long before I become inspired by the dramatic landscapes and remote villages on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, which speak in their own quiet way of mythical otherworlds and adventures.  Here, it would appear, time stands still.

                                                    Le Conquet, Finistere, Brittany



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