Day Four at the Wigtown Book Festival


Happy Sunny Day! - Blog post by Laura Hudson Mackay

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At last the sun shone and Houssain and I set off early, waving the Isle of Whithorn goodbye and travelled once again to Wigtown. Anne, also there early, grabbing a coffee at the Writer's Retreat and busy chatting about the Confluence theme of the day 'Happiness'.

The whole town seemed bustling and happy, what a difference the weather makes. We soon had authors, festival visitors and cafe staff chatting about happiness and filling in our questions of the day...

Q. Can art create happiness?
A. Yes! By appreciating art and the creation of it, it can put life in perspective and take us to another place.

Q. When are you most happy?
A. With friends, without worries. In beautiful places.

Q. Do you know a story about happiness?
A. I think I know more stories about unhappiness or about both. Somehow happiness alone doesn't make a good story. Losing happiness, finding it against the odds, yes, but happiness alone?

After a sunny dog-walk to Wigtown harbour, Confluence supporter, Scott Mackay and Houssain Belabbes took their places on a panel discussion event with BBC journalist, Anne Brown discussing Gavin Maxwell's acclaimed book of Moroccan history 'Lords of the Atlas'.

During the talk Anne asked Houssain about Confluence and what was being researched....

"The fact that we as humans complete each other and that each culture has what the other one needs. This is why we created Confluence, to research these links between our stories and our cultures". Houssain Belabbes

We enjoyed late afternoon coffee and cake with lots of laughter and discussions over dinner about the differences and similarities in cultures.


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