Day six at the Wigtown Book Festival


Blog post by Laura Hudson Mackay

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'Three and mixed feelings'

The day began with the three of us meeting at Wigtown and catching up in the previous day's events and happenings. Then a discussion ensued about the number three and what it means to us.

The questions of the day brought interesting feedback...

Q. Is three enough?
A. Yes, in the sense of Time..3 seconds is enough to say yes or no to life changing decisions.

Q. How cultural can Three be?
A. In songs - three blind mice, three little maids.
A. In art - the three muses.
A. In music - trio.

Q. Does the number three mean anything to you?
A. Three means depression, losing three close relatives to the same disease in less than 6 months.

In the afternoon we attended a talk by author Catherine Blyth who was being interviewed by Janet Smith on her latest book 'On Time'.

"An addictive blend of philosophy, psychology and science." 
Jane Thynne.

A book that we gleaned much information from in relation to our TIME theme.

Houssain asked Catherine a question, "What time of day do you need more time?" She answered..." Always in the morning, and when I'm multitasking.”

Back at the writer's Retreat we had an opportunity to talk to authors Sara Maitland and Robert Canton, both fascinating people. They were interested in hearing more about Confluence and readily agreed to answer our questions. See more here soon on their answers.

In the evening we ate dinner at the Pheasant at Sorbie. An Italian restaurant with a lovely relaxed feel and great food.

Then back to Cutcloy Cottage for hot chocolate by the fire and making a start with reading all the new books we've bought this week.


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