Day Three at the Wigtown Book Festival


A rainy day and water theme - blog post by Laura Hudson Mackay

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Arriving at Wigtown it was bucketing it down, a perfect day to research Water. Houssain and I met up with Anne and had a quick meeting then set to work interviewing authors at the Writers Retreat about their thoughts on water and Confluence. 

                        Anne chatting with journalist Polly Pullar 

                        Laura chatting with Literary ambassador Peggy Hughes 


We asked three questions throughout the day, here are a selection of answers....

Q. What role does water play in our lives?

A. It goes in whisky!


Q. Is there musicality in water?

A. Yes! Listen to it fall from the sky, crash rhythmically against the shore, bounce over rocks and fall from a tap...

Q.Do you know a story about water?

A. A river came to a row of mountains it could not cross. The wind said "Give up your individuality and become a cloud." The river didn't want to. It started to form a swamp. Then in desperation it gave up and became a cloud, crossed the mountains, fell as rain and became one with the sea.


In the afternoon Laura made use of her book festival Guest Pass and went to hear Peggy Hughes interviewing Author Miranda Doyle about her book 'A book of Untruths'. 

 A Book of Untruths explores what happens, and the consequences that occur when we don't tell the truth. Described as a book which presents as many questions as it does answers, it’s also an ode to and exploration of storytelling. The interview was fascinating, if a little shocking.

Once back outside in the pouring rain it was time for taking a few photographs of wet Wigtown and then back to more interviewing guests and authors.   



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