Day Two at the Wigtown Book Festival


 'Early morning chat show and cafe Morocco.''

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On the sofa The Bookshop Band and Team Confluence.
On the sofa The Bookshop Band and Team Confluence.

We arrived at Wigtown around 9am and met up with Anne as we had all been invited, along with author, Jenny Landreth, to be guests on the sofa at the morning chat show. The show hosts were The Bookshop Band, a lovely couple, Ben and Beth who played a number of beautiful songs in between asking questions about the Confluence project and interviewing us all.

 The Bookshop Band, festival director, Adrian Turpin and Houssain Belabbes outside the bookshop   

Then there was just enough time for a quick meeting (with coffee and tiffin) at ReadingLasses Cafe before setting up the PHC Room for 'Cafe Morocco'.

Visitors began arriving before we were officially open, but we were well prepared and the mint tea ceremony was underway. The room filled up quickly and we began serving tea while playing Moroccan music. Anne performed a number of short magical stories and we introduced Confluence to our cafe guests. We then played a video of Mehdi telling a story. We enjoyed discussion and debate about the project and the coming together of cultures, we gathered feedback and Houssain performed Arabic poetry. More people arrived so we continued with more stories, asked more questions and served more mint tea!

Laura, Anne and Houssain at café Morocco (Photograph by Colin Hattersley)

We can't wait to do the whole thing again next Saturday!

  Black & white photographs by Colin Tennant.

To end the day we went to one of the talks by fellow photographer and author, Allan Wright.

A very long but enjoyable day two at the festival.


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