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Confluence Blog number 10 by Houssain Belabbes

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Photograph by Houssain Belabbes
Photograph by Houssain Belabbes

I have a huge motivation for Confluence, not only as an artistic project looking at the links between Celtic and Arabian Storytelling, but also as a bridge that can connect my soul with society. This motivation to continue to create artwork and stories for the project guided me to focus on four basic elements…

TRAVEL: “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. 

Travelling can enhance your life and open up new IDEAS. My visit to Essaouira during the Gnaoua World Music Festival was an exhausting and inspiring couple of days. It is such a diverse festival, a melting pot of musical fusion where musicians are invited to explore new avenues. There were all types of people of all ethnicities and all with one thing connecting them “GNAOUA MUSIC”...They were CONFLUENCING!

EXPLORE: The famous self-development and entrepreneurship statement is "THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX" I feel I can tweak this statement and say:" EXPLORE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX".  Don't just be a tourist... go with the flow of the city.

CREATE: while travelling and exploring it is important for me to capture moments and create stories through my lens, and at the festival I focused on the seven themes of Confluence which are:

Water, Old, Time, Silence, Money, Happiness and the Number 3.

SHARE: I would like to share with you some moments that my eyes captured during my confluence trip to Essaouira. These three pictures are under the two themes of Happiness and Money.

An enjoyable moment for them to finally meet up in Essaouira. This is Happiness.

Due to the narrow streets Essaouira has, the best transportation for your stuff is a cart.

A hair salon “It is not about how fancy the salon is; it is about how the stylist is connected to your soul“.


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