Earthlight // Creative Bursary

Ruth Elizabeth Jones and Emma Varley presented Earthlight, a collaborative temporal installation supported by the Spring Fling Creative Bursary, at Spring Fling 2022.

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Image by Kirstin McEwan
Earthlight workshop
Earthlight workshop

The Creative Bursary was devised to support artists and makers to develop and present new work at Spring Fling, which enables experimentation and risk taking. It aimed to create space for work which may not fit within the traditional realm of an "open studio" setting.

In 2022, the bursary was awarded to Ruth Elizabeth Jones & Emma Varley, who presented 'Earthlight' at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries during Spring Fling 2022.

Earthlight (series) was a collaborative temporal installation combining ceramics with projected digital drawings, exploring tradition and technology whilst evoking feminine forms.

At 2pm each day during the Spring Fling weekend, Ruth and Emma also offered interactive workshops which allowed visitors to create a vessel from porcelain and place it within a field of digital drawing, generating an ever-changing artwork.