Energise Update - March 2019


Energise Workshop

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Imagine you’re 14 years old. You’ve just finished break on a Friday morning, your mind already lost in thoughts of the weekend. You go into your art classroom expecting a normal lesson. But instead you meet two artists who ask you to contemplate what the world will be like by 2030, the IPCC deadline for climate chaos.

Jason Nelson, one of the Energise resident artists, posed a simple question to the S2 pupils of Kirkcudbright Academy: what would you like to see in 12 years?

In 2030, the S2s will be in their mid-twenties. For some, this meant thinking on a global scale. Peace, climate change, extinction, a rallying cry for revolution. For others, it was about their dreams of working in their ideal job or settling down with a family. The fight for our lives, and building lives worth fighting for.

They carved and collaged on lino, creating a panel to represent their answer to Jason’s question. The plain grey blocks started to come to life with illustrations, poetry and patterns.

Jason will turn each of these panels into a mould then cast them in aluminium. He'll then use them as part of the final exhibition for the Energise project. The Kirkcudbright students did a fantastic job and we’re delighted to have their voices included in the exhibition.

If you’d like to make your own panel to be cast in aluminium, you can! Jason will be holding a free workshop at Kirkcudbright Galleries on Saturday 9th March. You’ll come up with your own design, carve it in lino and layer it with patterns and text. There’s even a Dymo label maker on hand for all your retro lettering needs. For more information and to book, visit our Eventbrite page.

You can also find out more about Jason’s practice and his work on the Energise project at his artist talk on the same day. Find out more here

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 by Catherine Major, Associate Artist on the Energise Project