Environmental Art Festival Scotland 2013

Scotland's inaugural Environmental Art Festival

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The Dark Star Lounge EAFS 2013
The Dark Star Lounge EAFS 2013

Spring Fling working in partnership with Wide-Open and The Stove Network, co-founded and co-produced Scotland’s inaugural Environmental Art Festival (EAFS) in 2013. 

EAFS offered the opportunity to engage with landscape and the environment through art installations, performances, workshops and talks. Much of the discussion was around climate change and how environmental art could help imagine a better more sustainable future. EAFS events brought together people of all ages and from many different disciplines, includ­ing scientists, farmers, environmentalists, musicians and artists. Many of the events featured musical per­formances and were fun as well as having serious thought provoking messages. EAFS linked artists together, creating contacts between national and international artists and the local creative community.

The festival delivered over 15 commissions and 20 associated events. 2200 unique visitors came to Dumfries & Galloway for the Core Festival, with over 4000 visits to 28 events over 3 days.