Modern Heritage Craft

Modern Heritage Craft (2013 - 2015) created the chance for young people to work with professional makers to learn a craft and create a contemporary functional object in 10 days. 

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For most of our history, making things by hand was the norm with the skills passed from one generation to the next. In this digital age, when so many spend their days in front of a computer screen, the thrill and sense of satisfaction in taking time to make something is that much more important. Yet there are crafts that form part of our cultural heritage that are in real danger of dying out.

Dumfries and Galloway has a rich cultural heritage and is home to a large number of craft makers using traditional techniques, materials, and methods creating both functional and sculptural work with modern relevance.

Funded by The Holywood Trust and The Heritage Lottery Fund; to give young people in the region the opportunity to work with Dumfries and Galloway’s most talented heritage craftsmen, supported Spring Fling. The Modern Heritage Craft Project ran in 2014 and 2015 and has given eighteen 15-25 year olds, all at different stages of their careers, the chance to create contemporary functional objects. The professional makers were Godfrey Smith, Ian Cameron Smith, Shona Guthrie and Amanda Simmons. Modern Heritage Craft piloted for two years and has now been developed into the current programme Modern Makers.

In memory of clogmaker Godfrey Smith who sadly passed away in early 2015.