Modern Makers 2020

Modern Makers 2020 – working with glass artist Amanda Simmons

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Amanda's studio. Image by Colin Tennant
Amanda's studio. Image by Colin Tennant

 **Due to Coronavirus, some of our projects may have been postponed or adapted to fit with current restrictions **
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Modern Makers is a programme which allows a small group of young people to learn craft skills from established makers.

In this year’s programme, four young people from D&G will be working with glass artist, Amanda Simmons, who creates kiln formed glass objects. They will be tutored intensively for 30 days to learn new skills and develop their own practice.

Participants will learn the three components of kiln formed glass; fusing (permanently bonding the glass together), slumping (forming the glass) and coldworking (finishing of the glass). Using these techniques, they will design, make and finish their own glass pieces. During the scheme the many aspects of running your own business and creative practice will be covered, including pricing, building a brand, promotion and professional development.

Amanda is an internationally renowned glass artist and has been working with glass for the past 16 years. She was one of the original makers involved in 2014’s Modern Heritage Craft (MHC), which ran for 10 days. 

Find out more about Amanda’s work at her website:

Watch a video about Amanda’s process: 

Update: the project is postponed currently but we plan to resume soon when restrictions ease.

Modern Makers 2020 is funded by The Holywood Trust, William Grant Foundation and Creative Scotland.