Modern Makers 2022 : Part 3


This year’s modern makers programme follows woodworker Mark Zygadlo and his team as they work together to build a treehouse.

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Day 5 - Monday 7th of March.

Today we spent the day collecting and splitting logs. We started with the smallest logs in the pile, they were still really heavy, maybe 150kg each, which is a little worrying.

Ronnie is getting the hang of a new machine, but we get loaded up pretty quickly without incident. We put eight logs in the trailer which seems like enough. It probably could have taken more.

When I got them home I split two of them in half, cutting along the length from each side with a circular saw then splitting them with axes and wedges. They are still very heavy. We will do another two at least tomorrow.

Day 6 - Tuesday 8th of March

Today we spent the day splitting logs and cleaning them up.