Modern Makers: Visit to Peter Wareing


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On Thursday our Modern Makers went to Whithorn to spend the day with Peter Wareing.  

Peter creates pottery with a distinctive tube lined decoration technique, which was used in late 19th and early 20th century tile making. The majority of Peter's pieces are thrown bowls, vases and plates but he also occasionally produces panels using commercially made bisque tiles as a base and, less frequently, some slab built items. 

The Modern Makers got the chance to try the decoration technique for themselves, applying their designs using the tube liner to tiles and small vases before adding under-glaze colours, which was a bit like using water colours . Peter also demonstrated how he throws his large plates on the wheel. Quite impressive to see a big hunk of clay transformed into perfect plates which look like they will only just fit into the kiln with not much room. We were also joined by Yoda the cat, who wanted quite a lot of attention!