Modern Makers: Week 5


Blog post by Modern Makers participant Bryony Rose

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We started the day by trying out our homemade slip trailers on the tiles we had rolled last week. I painted latex on one of the tiles. The latex creates a barrier between the wet slip that the tile is dipped in, and the raw terracotta.  Unlike the wax resist, the latex needs needs to be peeled off to reveal your design.

We started decorating our boxes. I started by making little feet (shaped like cherub faces) for my box.

The next day I continued on my box by adding a raised pattern on the sides. I dipped two of the sides in white slip. Once a little drier I plan on dipping the other 2 sides in a green slip. The box is still a cuboid - the lid will be cut off the top of the box shape once all the slip has been added.

                                             Bryony's box using latex technique

                                                  Lorna's boxes & below Lorna's tiles

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