Modern Makers: Week 6


Blog post by Modern Makers participant Bryony Rose

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I continued on from last week by dipping the remaining sides of my box in green slip. I'm really looking forward to seeing this new green colour in our work! I started on a second box - rolling out slabs and constructing the cuboid. I used the same template that I had made for the previous box but I am planning on a completely different decorating technique.

The next day the first box is ready to have the lid cut off. I add 4 rods to the inside of the box, running up the corners and poking slightly over the top. These will keep the lid sitting firmly on the box. I dip the second box in white slip and, using 3 fingers, make a pattern over the whole surface. My fingers push the wet slip to the side, exposing the red clay beneath. I spend the rest of the day looking through Hannah and Doug's collection of pottery books!

                                                                     Jodie at the wheel!

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