ROAM (Space)

Exploring the potential for a project space run for and by emerging artists in Dumfries & Galloway.

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ROAM (Space) is a new project that enables a small collective of early career artists to work alongside an established lead artist to explore ways in which to exhibit work, exchange ideas, experiment creatively and connect via contemporary art practice.

Members of the collective will be supported in undertaking research, being given the opportunity to visit existing artist run spaces and to participate in a group exhibition at the end of the project. Particpiants will be encouraged and supported to come up with their own ideas, the results of which will play a key role in defining the future direction of the project.

This project aims to identify any gaps that might exist for emerging artists in the region and what might be done to help address that need. Is a space necessary? What could it be? How might it be run? It will be up to the group to investigate and produce ideas collectively.

The group will also benefit from a programme of talks and workshops devliered by invited artists, all feeding into their research which we will share as it progresses. The project runs from January - August 2023.


Wider context
This project sits within Upland’s wider programme of activities that seek to investigate, explore and grow space for contemporary art and experimental projects in our rural region, considering new responsive models and routes to engagement.

Alongside ROAM (Space) is a complimentary strand titled, ROAM (West) a sister project
exploring how contemporary art practice can be developed in the West of the region of Dumfries and Galloway. Artist-in-residence Jack Tan is exploring questions about how contemporary art is made in the rural context, including: what is needed to support it, whether there is an audience for it, and how a supportive network of contemporary art practitioners can be established. Jack will be working with a cohort of artists which offers opportunities for the two ROAM projects to learn from each other and overlap.


ROAM (Space) is funded by the Holywood Trust and Creative Scotland.