Young Artist Bursary (YAB) Mentoring Programme

A 6-month programme of mentoring for recent graduates with a connection to Dumfries and Galloway

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Morag Macpherson and Coral Beattie. Photo by Colin Tennant
Terri Campbell Young Artist 2015
Fraser Irvine Young Artist 2014
Katie Anderson Young Artist 2015
Rory Laycock Young Artist 2014

Over 4 years (2012 - 2015) the Spring Fling Young Artists Bursary Mentoring Programme provided 6 months of mentoring for recent graduates of UK art schools. The graduates were mentored by professional experienced artists in the run up to and beyond Spring Fling. As part of this programme the young artists are awarded a bursary to create new work. 

The project was supported by the Holywood Trust and the Archie Sutter Watt Trust.

From 2015 this programme will become Emerge, offering a year long period of mentoring and opportunities for recent graduates.

Past young artists and mentors were:

Coral Beattie mentored by Morag Macpherson

Sally Hogarth mentored by Linda Mallett

Holly Clothier mentored by Lucianne Lassalle

Laura Perry mentored by Denise Zygadlo

Fraser Irvine mentored by Patricia Cain

Rory Laycock mentored by Bea Last

Emma Kerr mentored by Joanne Garner

Katie Anderson mentored by Isabell Buenz

Edward Howat mentored by Amy Winstanley

Terri Campbell mentored by Lisa Rothwell Young