Catherine Coulson

Board Director

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Catherine Coulson is a visual artist living in Dumfries and Galloway. Her work explores natural habitats across the region, through painting, photography, writing and research; considering how different ecosystems and biodiversity influence the environmental aesthetic and sense of place. She contemplates our stewardship role towards remaining semi-wild pockets of land and the benefits that ecocentric environments have on human emotional connection and wellbeing. She shares her process and ideas with the public, encouraging people to approach being in nature in different creative ways.

Catherine has an enduring interest in environmental conservation, sustainability and slow living which has led her to form an environmentally conscious and sustainable art practice. She is part of a group of artists who share her interest and support each other to develop their working methods. She was also involved with the formation of the partnership between the Galloway & South Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere and Upland and is excited to explore further ideas through the Creatives and Sustainability Groups.

Catherine is a regular participant of Spring Fling and exhibits across the UK. She graduated from Bournemouth University with a Visual Arts Honours Degree in Television & Video Production in 2000, and gained experience in broadcasting and post-production at BBC Resources and in various parts of the media industry including wildlife film-making, advertising, photography and publishing alongside an art practice. She studied oil painting specialisms at Norfolk Painting School from 2013-2014 and started exhibiting and teaching creative workshops for adults and children. She has been involved with various art groups and organisations including WASPS.

Catherine is Upland's Environmental Champion. To find out more about our appraoch to environmental sustainability, please see our policy here.