Fitch & McAndrew Online Exhibition

25 October 2019 to 15 November 2019

Online exhibition of wood and electric fired slipware pots

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Photo by Shannon Tofts
Photo by Shannon Tofts
October 25th–November 15th
Online IV
Upland members Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew have opened their 2019 online exhibition of slipware pots from recent firings
The exhibition showcases a mixture of wood and electric fired pots. Firing in the electric kiln produces bright, colourful glazes with a glassy finish. Their wood fired pots have deep, dark tones, with evidence of the flame engulfing their surface.
The online exhibition includes stunning product photography by Shannon Tofts. The high resolution images mean you can zoom in to see the unique characteristics of each pot and the fascinating detail of the glazes and slips used. All pots are available for sale at the point of opening. 
The exhibition opens at 6pm BST on Friday October 25th 2019 and run until Friday November 15th.