Future Spring Fling

18 July 2022 to 27 July 2022

Calling all past/present Spring Fling participants and Upland members – join us to discuss Spring Fling Open Studios and what lies ahead!

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Photo by Colin Tennant
Photo by Colin Tennant

Upland has programmed two meetings for Upland members and past/present Spring Fling participants to get together to discuss the future of the event. Since we’ve just celebrated our 20th event, it is time to take stock and see what the next 20 years looks like. Please join us!

These sessions are:

Monday 18th July, 6-8pm at the Quarrymen's Art Centre, Creetown

Wednesday 27th July, 6-8pm at the Dumfries Baptist Church, Dumfries

These events will provide an informal setting for Upland to discuss key points and for attendees to discuss things with Upland and fellow attendees. We think it is just as important (if not more so) for attendees to hear from one another on key event elements rather than just from Upland.



Please make sure you sign up to which meeting suits you. These events are FREE but RSVPs are vital for us to gauge attendance and for venue setup. Please sign up here: 

Monday 18th July, 6-8pm
Quarrymen's Art Centre, Creetown

Wednesday 27th July, 6-8pm
Dumfries Baptist Church, Dumfries


Is there something important that should be discussed?
We are keen to hear from you and are therefore inviting attendees to raise particular topics for discussion in advance to be added to the agenda. At the meetings, we will raise these for discussion and invite the attendees to lead that discussion. Or, if this is something you don’t feel comfortable with, please let us know.

If you’d like to add something to the agenda, please email with the following:

  • Name
  • Topic for discussion
  • If you would like Upland to raise this on the agenda, please provide more information. E.g., is there a specific question? If so, would you like this to be raised anonymously?

 Please note, that the agenda will be sent out 1 week before each meeting. Please make sure any additions are sent in well in advance.