Members News - Tidespace Exhibition by Patti Lean & Denise Zygadlo


Artists Patti Lean & Denise Zygadlo present a new exhibition called Tidespace from 2nd June - 2nd July.

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MAKING HER MARK features the work of two established artists from the region, Patti Lean and Denise Zygadlo. These artists contrasting work illustrates their commitment to exploration and process, through their particular form of mark making.

Patti Lean treads gently in Nan Shepherd’s footsteps, pushing herself to see as responsively as possible, often abstracting the environment around her to its very essence on the canvas. Working with sketchbooks but essentially from memory, Patti paints her experience of the particular; geography, landscape, season, a moment of light.

Denise Zygadlo uses her body performatively, pressed up against her stage, the ‘window’ of the photocopier’s glass, as a dancer might in a spot-lit room. Simultaneously both model, artist and director, Denise works within the narrow confines of her ‘frame’.  Defining which moment and what her body expresses, and when the light glides over her, this is her ‘moment mark making’.

For more information about Patti and Denise's work and this exhibition, visit the Tidespace website.