CALL OUT// Modern Makers 2021

Applications Open! Looking for young people with an interest in learning craft skills!

Deadline: 29/11/2020

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Lisa Rothwell-Young in her studio. Photo by Barry Young Photography
Lisa Rothwell-Young in her studio. Photo by Barry Young Photography

Call out for Modern Makers 2021
A programme for young people (30 years and under) to learn craft skills. 

Lead maker for the 2021 programme: Lisa Rothwell-Young

What is the Modern Makers project?
A chance for a small group of young people to be tutored intensively for 23 days by a professional maker to learn new skills and to develop their own practice. This year you will be able to experience hands-on learning with skilled jeweller, Lisa Rothwell-Young.

You will gain an insight into the different processes Lisa uses, which includes learning how to make jewellery, from beginner level, right through to stone setting and mount making and gain an insight into running a creative business. Lisa creates jewellery which is ethical, sustainable and fairtrade – an important part of her making ethos which she can also share. We hope that participants will gain new skills and confidence and build relationships through shared experience.

Who is it for?
16 – 30 year olds from Dumfries and Galloway (you must be 30 years or under for the duration of the project).

No specific experience is required, just a willingness to learn and a bit of determination.  Jewellery making can be frustrating and challenging at first.  You’ll need some patience, commitment and dexterity too, it can be fiddly depending on what materials you choose to work with, but hugely rewarding. If you already do other creative things, we’d be really interested to hear about them too.

Some comments from past participants: 

“By learning from craftsmen and spending time with people that make their living independently it has made me a lot more confident about making my own career from art. Before the programme I hadn’t ever really chatted with anyone about what it’s like to be an artist or craftsmen. Through this opportunity I’ve been able to see how it’s done and what it’s like, in a really friendly and encouraging environment.”

 “I don’t feel as intimidated by the art world as I did before. I feel like I have people that I can go to for advice and support about making an artistic career in the future.” (comments from previous Modern Maker participants).