Energise at the Men's Shed


Blog post by Associate Artist Catherine Major

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Down tools! The final lino carving workshop of the Energise project is complete.

Over 80 people from across Galloway have created unique designs, responding to the question “What would you like to see in 12 years?” We'll turn each tile into a mould then cast in aluminium, generating dozens of plaques which will be on display at the Energise exhibition.

This week, it was the Glenkens Men’s Shed’s turn to get stuck in. The nimble fingers of experienced woodcarvers were set to work in a new medium, carving, sticking and stamping into lino to create their designs.

The Glenkens Men’s Shed in Balmaclellan opened its doors in 2015. The shed is a place for those who are retired or not in fulltime employment the opportunity to practise woodwork and other traditional crafts. It’s also about keeping active, connecting with like-minded individuals and being part of a friendly community. The Men’s Shed isn’t even just for men – the Balmaclellan group welcomes women too.

Jason hasn’t finished at the Men’s Shed though. The group will also see how the lino tiles are transformed into aluminium plaques in a unique metal-casting workshop.

On Saturday 30th March, Jason will be bringing The Mobile Foundry to Balmaclellan. He'll give a free demonstration of the metal-casting process. Moulds created from the lino designs will have molten aluminium poured into them, resulting in aluminium plaques for the final exhibition. This event is free and open to the public. Find out more here 

The Energise exhibition opens at Gracefield Arts Centre on Saturday 11th May. To find out more about the exhibition and future events, Sign up for the Upland mailing list.