Modern Makers 2022 : Part 2


This year’s modern makers programme follows woodworker Mark Zygadlo and his team as they work together to build a treehouse.

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Day 2 - Tuesday 1st of March.

Today we met at 10am at Glenhead and spent the day designing and looking at treehouse structures.

This is the layout of the platform designed by the Modern Makers group.

Day 3 - Tuesday 3rd of March.

Today we reviewed timber: a stack of round Larch donated by Blackwood Estate.

20 of the smallest logs marked to be separated from the pile of about 100. We can use these in the round for posts and perhaps for the roof.

Day 4 - Saturday 5th of March.

Today we assembled at Glenhead, we amended designs to work with timber dimensions of 3.7m max o/a length and we looked at strut structure for the platform.

The position of tree 3 remains uncertain but we think we can manage a little variation here. It’s in too useful a place not to utilise.

We ordered 6 tree fixing bolts from Alan Young Engineering and mobile sawmiller, Mark Rowe, engaged to do the sawing with us. Lauren’s mum also offered windblown timber at Trigony. We also prepared a detailed cutting list for the treehouse.

Later on in the day we took a trip to visit Keith and Sheila’s treehouse in Moniaive.

Treehouse people at lunch. Abby’s brownies about to be scoffed.