Modern Makers 2022 : Part 9


This year’s modern makers programme follows woodworker Mark Zygadlo and his team as they work together to build a treehouse.

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Day 15 - Saturday 23rd of April

Josh and Abby worked on the floor.

Robert and I worked on putting posts at the corners of the main floor, attaching the room beams/wall plates to them and putting in two diagonal braces which we hoped would stabilise the structure so that we could cut out the legs and under-floor brace ties.

It was another beautiful day and we saw another slow worm.

Day 16 - Tuesday 26th of April

We set about consolidating the progress made last Saturday. Fixing the upper beams to the corner posts and completing the floor. Josh and Abby working on the floor and Lauren and I on the beams until we tried to switch the positions of the upper beam and the diagonal brace on the bolt in the larger tree, #1. It took all of us hammering and levering to get the brace off.

Gradually removing annoying branches around the trunks of our two trees. Each time involves quite a big of discussing about whether we should, if we can manage with the brances there etc., but they are gradually getting thinned out.

We also removed the lower floor brace ties, and nothing collapsed!