Modern Makers Blog : Part 11


This year’s modern makers programme follows woodworker Mark Zygadlo and his team as they work together to build a treehouse.

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Day 19 - Tuesday 10th of May

Roof framework today.

First job was to build a frame around the tree from the wall head height up to the roof height.

Then to start attaching the rafters.

Day 20 - Saturday 14th of May

The framework for the roof is now complete and a start has been made on the framework for the enclosure of a room.

Day 21 - Tuesday 17th of May

A very productive day at Taliesin: the roof and an interior partition.

Day 22 - Saturday 21st of May

Roofing continues on the main part and starts on the overhang. The framework for the downhill wall is constructed. It will be a full width window above waist height.

Lauren supports Josh when the ladder is removed.

Nice reflected light off the ground in the late afternoon.