Modern Makers: Celebration


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Photograph by Colin Tennant
Photograph by Colin Tennant

On the 24 August we marked the end of the Modern Makers 2017 programme with a meal to celebrate and showcase all the work created. 

All the pieces which had been made in anticipation of the meal had been fired in the wood kiln at Hannah & Doug's on the last day of making (10th August).  It was a nervous first peer into the kiln on the morning of the meal to see what was inside and slowly all the items the Modern Makers had made appeared as they were ceremoniously unloaded and laid out in the light. Dishes, bowls, vessels, mugs, candle stick holders, espresso cups... they just kept on coming. 

Luckily the majority seemed to work out great, which was good as there was a lot of food to put on it! Seeing all the work the group had made over the duration of the programme was really impressive. It was a lovely end to the project and a chance to invite and thank everyone who had been part of it. 

Photographs in this post by Colin Tennant.

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