Morag x Tellas / March Update


Morag and Tellas get underway with the start of their hybrid residency.

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Morag and Tellas have begun working on the first part of their hybrid residency. This involves remote working, with Morag living and working near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries & Galloway, and Tellas working in Sardinia, Italy.

In the blog update, the artists share how they have approached the remote part of the residency and how it has been going...


The first phase with Morag is going very well. It's my first time working in this remote way, not easy but interesting at the same time!

We discussed the use of wood mixed with cottons and maybe printed textiles. Our idea for now is to mix our patterns in different ways. Like painting, screenprints and collages in general. We will try to create an unique composition mixing our different styles. As i said before, I think the pieces and compositions will get out during the process.


We’ve discussed the aspect of experimentation. We want to approach this from a very experimental perspective and therefore will be trying new things and potentially incorporating monoprinting, spray painting, wood block printing with screen and digital printing. Patchwork may be appropriate and garment creation but this isn’t final.

I’ve begun taking photos down at the shore at the bottom of my hill where I live. I’m inspired by Mutehill, Lady Bay, Kirkcudbright Bay, St Mary’s Isle - all on my doorstep here and in view from my window at home. I’ll be collecting seaweed for dyeing experiments and sketching local flora for repeat pattern creation.

I will also revisit a previous collection called ‘Surrender’ of abstract marks inspired by the sea. I will create the ‘next phase’ of this project and make new abstract marks for digital and monoprinting .

We discussed interesting ideas of how we will experiment with various printing techniques. 

Meanwhile we have ‘sketched’ some ideas for design, layout etc. I will be creating new artwork during March (abstract mark-making using paint) and I’ll experiment with natural dye and eco-print as a basis for background cloth to be screenprinted over.

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