Spring Fling x Wigtown Book Festival Residency

Writer in Residence 2016

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For the second year running, WBF and SF are teaming up to present their Writer in Residence. 

Filling this acclaimed role for 2016 is the award-winning Skye Loneragan. Skye's remit is to produce work in response to the Spring Fling open studios event and then to present and perform this work at this year's Wigtown Book Festival.

Having travelled the region and the routes during Spring Fling 2016, visiting studios and meeting lots of visitors and participants, Skye has produced 6 poems as a direct response to the open studios event. We are releasing these works on the lead up to WBF 2016 (23 Sept- 2 Oct) over on our Writer's Blog. 

Follow the blog and Skye's journey here.