Spring Shows 2014 - 2015

Exhibitions in the run up to Spring Fling: our journey to take quality contemporary art and craft outside Dumfries & Galloway, to attract new national and international visitors in.

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Spring Show Berlin at Kulturschoepfer. Photo credit: Colin Tennant
Amanda Simmons work at Spring Show 2015 Kulturschoepfer Berlin. Photo credit Colin Tennant

It all started with an ambitious idea, backed by our artists, makers and supporters.

In August 2013, our ‘Going National’ Kickstarter Crowd Funding campaign successfully raised over £3000 from 79 backers from around the UK. Over 20 artists and makers in Dumfries & Galloway donated their work as pledges for the campaign.

This was the start of a long journey for us to take quality contemporary art and craft outside of Dumfries & Galloway...

In 2014 and 2015, we worked with partners from cutting edge contemporary art venues to established commercial galleries, these included:

The Lighthouse, Glasgow (2014)

The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle (2014)

James Harvery British Art, London (2014)

Green Hill Gallery, Berlin (2015)

The Fine Art Society, Edinburgh (2015)

Spring Show Berlin 2015 from Upland on Vimeo.

Spring Show Edinburgh 2015 from Upland on Vimeo.